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Pathdarshan Foundation is a Social organisation. This organisation has emerged to cater to the needs of the Tribals especially the Youth. The Foundation came into existence in the year 2009. The organisation was shaped by Narendrakumar Vasava. To originate this Foundation several people have toild and have contributed their energy and valuable time.


"To develop leadership, competance and peopl's Faith through self help."


To emerge as an effective service provider, a change agent and community development organisation integrating grass-root participation and bottom to top approach work.
Aims and objectives:
  • To develop leadership, competance and people's faith.
  • To  formulate and  activate Social Organisation where enthuse members to work together.
  • To disseminate correct information and make effective use of available resourses for availing Social Justice.
  • To provide forum through which voluntary and Government agencies can takle Tribal level problems especially of the Economically, Socially and Educationally   deprived section of the Society.
  • To encourage the development of responsible citizenship so that people may participate more effectively in today's Society.


The Foundation has carried out the career orientaion work with the Youth of Narmada District. The programme was to give training to the young people who are from indiginious community of South Gujarat region. The criteria was the youth should be interested to work and earn, belonging to the BPL family. There were 30 youth trained and helped to obtain a job at Baroda. The venture was carried out in collaboration with Vanbnadhu Kalyan Yojana.

Internet Sathi Programe Sponsored by TATA Trust and Google!


An initiative of TATA Trust and Google has assisted tribal women to obtain internet usage awarness. Pathdarshan Foundation is co-ordinating Narmada District for the internet awarness programe. Till date In Sagbara Taluka 1053 women, Dediapada 4505, Nandod 9493 and Tilakvada 358 women are trained. The target is 102050 women and it is presumed to achieve this target by August 2018.